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1. Get An Estimate
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2. Schedule Your Repair
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3. Get Your Car Fixed

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Carpets & Upholstery

Carpet and Unpholstery
When it’s time to replace your current carpet or upholstery we can help you from beginning to end. We can replace your current carpet or upholstery to restore your car’s factory look, or you can choose from a wide variety of new looks.

Convertible Tops

Car Top Restore Process
When the cool weather comes to the valley, we know how important it is to have a top that looks good and works. If you’re looking for replacement tops for your classic car or your daily driver, we’ve got what you need!

Seat Repairs

We refurbish everyday wear and tear, rips, burns, cracks, holes, fades, and stains in all makes and models. Whether it’s leather, vinyl, or cloth, we can make your interior new again!

Care Tips & Latest NEWS

Be Aware! Keep Your Vehicle Safe, Dependable and on the road longer.

Horse and Carraige

Transportation Before the Days of Cars

Let’s establish one thing, cars are amazing. Sure, they may be less essential in cities like New York or Chicago where the public transportation is amazing, but here in Phoenix, it is almost impossibl...
Self Driving Car

How Do Self-Driving Cars Work?

Times are changing. Technology is improving at an exponential pace. That means that as technology improves, we get better at improving technology. Just 50 years ago, simple computers were so large the...

Famous Recalls Throughout History

There is no doubt about it, cars are miracles of modern technology. Just think about it, they turn liquid gasoline into miles-per-hour. Into speed. And they do it while looking sleek, stylish, and coo...